Global Leakage Summit 2019

The focus of the 2019 Global Leakage Summit will still be on network efficiency and sustainability of supply, but will also address questions about how to reduce leakage in the future, when network operators will be faced with increasing challenges of extremes of climate, water scarcity and drought in the face of increasing populations and customer demand.

Jun 24, 2019 - Jun 25, 2019
Target groups: engineers, technicians, decision makers, professionals in water management
Category: Conference


On Day One, in several major themed sessions, expert UK and European water industry panellists will discuss concerns about global policies and dynamics that will affect our industry - and how we address them:

  • The UK water industry under pressure – UK Policy Makers and Practitioners Panel
  • Using innovative technologies to meet ambitious leakage targets The future of leakage – looking ahead to 2050 – European Leaders Panel

Day Two focuses on innovation – and its role in maintaining network efficiency:

  • Integrated network infrastructure - making sense of the data
  • Optimising and improving network performance
  • Research and development – an essential component of innovation

Global case studies will also focus on coping with growing populations in megacities – and on understanding and managing customer demand.

The Global Leakage Summit has become a brand leader for sharing news and views on the topical issues and the real challenges that affect the efficient running of water networks, and on the pressures faced by network operators to reduce leakage and to sustain customer demand.

Agenda highlights and discussion topics include:

  • How can we mitigate the effects of climate change, population migration, drought and high demand in water scarge regions and megacities?

  • What lessons can we learn from the 2018 drought in Cape Twon?

  • Can the UK water industry halve leakage by 2050?

  • Is zero leakage a future reality or just a pipedream?

  • Can suppliers advance sensor and communication technology, pipe material and pie repair technology sufficiently to get anywhere near zero?

  • How do we best leverage emerging AI and 5G/NB-IOT communications for network automation and control - and integrated sensor management?

  • How are companies progressing with better ways of monitoring, identifying and fixing the leaks in big pipes?

  • Could 'dynamic network areas' be the next generation DMAs - dynamically adaptive networks?

  • Are we nearer to better understanding the balance between customer use, supply pipe leakage and internal plumbing losses?

  • Can we find the optimal time to replace customer meters?

We again aim to showcase the latest products and innovative technologies for assessing, monitoring and managing leakage via our sponsors and exhibitors.

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