European Gas Infrastructure Forum (Rome, Italy)

Nov 29, 2011 - Dec 01, 2011
Target groups: Engineeres, professionals
Category: Conference
The European Gas Infrastructure for Interconnectivity and Interoperability Forum is designed to review the commercial, regulatory, financial and political issues inherent in building a well-functioning gas market for Europe.
There is a huge opportunity to bring gas to the fore as a key energy resource in Europe for the future, but commitments and investment must be made by both companies and governments to help build the infrastructure and relationships that will be required in order to make this a reality.
The Forum will give stakeholders from all sides of industry the opportunity to interact with each other, share ideas and knowledge, build partnerships and drive forward developments that will help to build the foundations to bring gas, as a major source of energy and ultimately overtaking other less environmentally-friendly and efficient (and more costly) fuel resources, to Europe in the near future.
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Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Via Alberto Cadlolo 101
00136 Rome, Italy
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