DWA Seminar - Sewer Inspection in Germany (Hennef and Düren, Germany)

Oct 05, 2009 - Oct 09, 2009
Target groups: engineers, technicians, students
Category: Seminar
DWA, these three letters stand for the experience and competence of its members – in wastewater treatment plants, in planning and production as well as in research and administration. As politically and economically independent organisation it works in the specialist fields of water management, wastewater, waste and the protection of soil.

In Europe, the DWA is one of the associations with the strongest membership in this area and, through its specialist expertise, holds a special position with regard to the setting of rules and standards, professional training and information to the public. The ca. 14,000 members represent specialists and management from municipalities, universities, engineer offices, authorities and businesses.

The semiar contents are:
Execution and evaluation of sewer inspections and the production of rehabilitation concepts with the emphasis on the application of the relevant EN standard specifications.

The seminar places the initial emphasis on an overview of the valid and applied sets of rules and standards in Germany, the applied technical standards and also the technical possibilities of a sewer inspection.
The second point of emphasis of the seminar takes into account the perspective of the attendant engineer with regard to planning, engineering supervision and monitoring up to and including the evaluation and production of an economic rehabilitation planning.

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