Damage Prevention (DPC) and Subsurface Conference & Expo 2006 in Phoenix

Damage Prevention (DPC) and Subsurface Conference & Expo 2006 is one of the best available events for underground construction professionals.

Dec 06, 2006 - Dec 07, 2006
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Congress
Exclusive highlights include:
  • Highly regarded Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Jeff Hatch-Miller will be presenting the opening address, Greater Federal/State Regulation: The Choice is in Our Hands.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board’s authority on pipelines, Rod Dyck, has also committed to the event and will present High Profile Excavation Damage Related Pipeline Accident Investigations & Resulting Safety Recommendations.
  • Referred to by many as the 'Founding Father of Trenchless Technology,' Dr. Tom Iseley will close the conference with his presentation, Underground Infrastructure: Our Buried Treasures Must be Managed Aggressively.'

Further information and registration at http://www.damageprevention.com.
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, USA


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