Cities of the Future (Stockholm, Sweden)

The objective of the conference is to highlight the need and benefits of integrating and emphasising water in the planning of European cities of the future.

May 22, 2011 - May 25, 2011
Target groups: engineers, decision makers, professionals
Category: Congress
Cities of the Future is one of the leading programmes from the International Water Association. Its purpose is to address the emerging challenges in cities and develop new visions and concepts towards an ecological sustainable future in old or new, big or small, growing or shrinking cities.
Planning for the development of water infratructure is too often overlooked. Therefore it is our aim to deepen the interaction between planners and water professionals - and to show the strength in this new and innovative focus.
Creating attractive and sustainable environments for all is our vision. Water is a key element in urban planning and design, allowing for new developments in thinking and acting, making use of water as resource in all its aspects and preventing water-related problems in the future.
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New concepts and special solutions
Norra Latin Stockholm
Drottninggatan 71B
Target language English


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