China Coal Expo 2008

including the 4th China International Hi-tech Symposium on Coal Conversion and Coal Chemical Industry

Nov 04, 2008 - Nov 07, 2008
Target groups: technicians, engineers, skilled tradesmen
Category: Exhibition
The exhibition
China Coal Expo 2008 is aimed at the fulfillment of a spirit for further scientific and technical innovation and put forward by the Central Committee of the CCP and State Council. It shall sum up and exchange the achievement and experience got from the innovation in Chinese coal industry, enhancement of ability and confidence of each enterprise for their independent innovation, acceleration of extension and application of new outcome, new technique, new equipment and new technology.

Significantly, there is an entirely upgrade of development level of science and technology in Chinese coal field, facilitation of economic and trade development of coal, a broadness of international exchange and cooperation to show new achievement in Chinese coal industry, publicize important effects of Chinese coal industry and elevate positions of Chinese coal industry, as well as build up good industrial image to offer the whole world a good understanding for Chinese coal industry and forward Chinese´s coal industry up to the world.

The symposium
Since 2002, three symposiums of the same subject have been held in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an, China, where many people in the field came for participation and high attention. The symposium has been becoming a professional and authoritative meeting of high level with large influence on coal chemical industry, not only in China but the whole world, along with yearly increased scale.

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