Bahrain Green Tech-Expo 2011

Bahrain Green Tech-Expo is a new trade show dedicated to the green consumer products and services. This is the only business-to-business trade show focused specifically on ECO-friendly consumer products.

Oct 18, 2011 - Oct 20, 2011
Target groups: engineers, decision makers, professionals
Category: Exhibition
Bahrain First Green Tech-Expo demonstrates the latest technologies developed by international organization which aims to preserve the environment and protect its resources from being misused by the public. The exhibition will be offering the latest achievements of international organizations and companies in the development of technologies and products that use environment-friendly materials and alternative energy resources, which can generally be used by the public without losing the benefits offered by existing products, and by which they can reach a balanced sustainable environment suitable for present and future generations.
Besides that, the exhibition displays the solutions offered by exhibitors at the exhibition in the field of energy saving and the use of alternative and renewable energy such as wind and solar energy, which has been adopted by many governments of other countries, as well as solutions to the problems of reducing environmental pollution resulting from modern industries, architectural expansion and the increase in the number of the population. The exhibition will also address the problems associated with environmental wastes resulting from modern industries and public consumption of products, and appropriate solutions for it.
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Components and materials
Bahrain Exhibition Center
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