5th IWA Specialist Conference 10th IOA-EA3G International Conference Oxidation Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Mar 30, 2009 - Apr 02, 2009
Target groups: technicians, students, engineers
Category: Conference
The conference AOP will take place in conjunction with the well-known "Wasser Berlin" exhibition in Berlin, March 30 - April 3 2009.

This conference is the first-ever joint conference of the International Water Association and the International Ozone Association aimed at the exchange and the discussion of the latest information on Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) in the field of water, wastewater and groundwater. AOPs are progressing rapidly all over the world as they have proved to be successful in meeting increasingly stringent global regulations as well as protecting public health and the environment. Thus AOPs are strong alternatives to conventional treatment techniques in many applications for complete elimination of recalcitrant compounds in water and to improve the biodegradation of wastewaters by partial oxidation.

All contributions on AOP-processes and technologies such as ozone based, UV based, photo-catalysis, iron based and plasma discharge technologies or their combination with other technologies like in biological and membrane technologies related to the following areas are welcome.
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Sludge treatment
  • Soil treatment
  • Treatment of emerging contaminants
  • Fundamentals
  • Innovations and applications

For further information:
Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds, Hall 7 (congress room "Paris").


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sievers


+ 49 53 23 / 933 243


+ 49 53 23 / 933 100



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