9th EXPOAPA 2009

International Specialized Exhibition for Water Supply, Sewerage and Waste Water Treatment

Jun 22, 2009 - Jun 24, 2009
Target groups: all specialist in the water sector, starting with water resources managers, operaters of the public water supply and sewerage systems and all the peaple interested in increasing the technical and managerial performances of the sector
Category: Exhibition
General themes:
  • Water production
  • Water and wastewater tratment
  • Water distribution and sewerage network
  • Water supply/sewerage/wastewater treatment/ multi-utilities
  • Pomping equipment
  • Protection of the water resources(surface water, ground water)
  • Industrial equipments
  • Research and development
  • Information and comunication technologies
  • Water supply and sewerage system's safety
  • Risc management in using the water resources
  • Refurbishment/ developing the water treatment plant in order to decrese the human health's risc
  • Distribution network. Risc management in asurance the water quality at the tap
  • Rehabilitation/up-gradeing wastewater treatment plant in order to protect the water quality in the sensitive areas
  • Safty of the materials which contact the water

For further information concerning the exhibition or the conference programme please click here.
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