3rd International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management

Reducing the Vulnerability of Societies Against Water Related Risks at the Basin Scale

Sep 26, 2006 - Sep 28, 2006
Target groups: students, technicians, skilled tradesmen, engineers
Category: Symposium
This symposium strives to provide a holistic view of Integrated Water Resource Management by facilitating the exchange and discussion of the diverse risks societies are facing, their underlying vulnerabilities, projected trends as well as measures for successful Integrated Water Resources Management that takes all stakeholders into consideration.

The symposium will address the complex problems of water management with an interdisciplinary outlook, taking into account their hydrological, technical, environmental, as well as socio-economic aspects. All contributions should focus on the requirements for water management and hydrologic science and engineering to solve water-related problems.

The main goal of this conference is to determine necessary research developments and to identify gaps between current knowledge and future demand. The symposium will provide a multi-disciplinary platform for scientists and professionals to exchange their views and research results on a wide range of water-related topics.

Main topics of the conference:
  1. From headwaters to the mouth-vulnerable interactions between landscapes, water and societies
  2. Flood Risk – flood vulnerability – flood protection (a contribution to the International Flood Initiative)
  3. Water management as a problem
  4. Water management as a solution
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