2nd Brazilian Congress of Tunnels and Underground Structures (CBT'2008)

including the International Seminar "South American Tunnelling - SAT'2008" in São Paulo, Brazil

Jun 23, 2008 - Jun 25, 2008
Target groups: technicians, engineers, skilled tradesmen
Category: Congress
The Congress will cover 17 themes of great importance to professionals associated with underground construction. This unique venue allows an opportunity for renewing acquaintances, networking and the important interchange of technical ideas and experience.

Participants will be given the opportunity to discuss their research and experience related to the use of the underground space as well as to listen to new reports on technologies and trends in the underground construction industry.

Altogether there will 3 days of intense activities combining special lectures, technical sessions with paper presentations, poster sessions, workshops, a technical exhibition and technical visits.

For further details, visit the congress website at http://www.acquacon.com.br/2cbt.
Centro Fecomercio de Eventos
São Paulo, SP, Brazil



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