2nd Annual Trenchless Technology Summit Construction Conference - IQPC

Minimising cost, time, disruption and environmental disturbance through effective trenchless application

Jun 07, 2009 - Jun 10, 2009
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, technicians, engineers
Category: Conference
Trenchless Technology 2009 is the region’s leading event dedicated to tackling the latest challenges facing the trenchless industry. Regardless of a global economic slow down, there is still a number of vast projects taking place across the region, most notably the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme - Abu Dhabi. The scale and value of this project demonstrates the enormous potential for the increase in applications for trenchless technology.

As the region’s population continues to increase so does the need for effective underground infrastructure. In order to avoid disruption to the community, as well as minimising cost, time and environmental damage, more and more projects are applying trenchless technologies as the most effective method of installing and repairing network systems.

Across the region there is a need to raise awareness of the most appropriate no-dig methodologies, equipment and business partners available. One of the key aims of this conference is to bring municipality representatives, utility providers, contractors and consultants together to educate, discuss and share future strategies in relation to underground city infrastructure and the benefits of utilising trenchless technology.

Attend to:
  • Understand best practice in the evolution, selection and application of trenchless technologies and how they can help develop a sustainable network system 
  • Learn the economical, ecological and environmental benefits to adopting trenchless technology
  • Take away knowledge on how to select the most appropriate business partners for your underground projects
  • Understand emerging technologies and how they can reduce the cost of your project
  • Develop an understanding of how industry specific case studies can be immediately applied to your own business

Do not miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn about the successfully implemented technologies in this essential part of civil engineering!
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