1st International Tunnel Safety Forum for Road and Rail

A new era for tunnel safety is dawning, and the paradigms of design are shifting as new threats such as global warming, rising sea levels and terrorism become more prominent.

Apr 23, 2007 - Apr 25, 2007
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Symposium
In addition to the papers presented in Plenary Sessions there will be Key Discussion Topics, which are highly focused upon the safe and efficient operation and management of tunnels, and the integrated practices and understanding of the issues involved.

Some of the key discussion topics:
  • Are privately owned tunnels more safely run than publicly owned tunnels?
  • Dealing with new safety threats
  • What are the priorities for tunnel operators?
  • In how far will global warming and rising sea levels affect existing tunnel systems and future design considerations?

This forum is designed to highlight present and future concerns, and to be a platform for informed and frank exchanges of views and knowledge. It will be of particular interest to all tunnel owners, operators and managers, and is directly relevant to Planners, Designers, Fire and Emergency Planning Services, Risk Managers, Insurers, Legislators and Regulators, Researchers, Users, Manufacturers of Tunnel Equipment and Instrumentation, and Vehicle Designers.

For further information about the conference and registration, download the attached document.
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