ZK SEPARATION New Product: Tunneling Mud Treatment Decanter Centrifuge

Jan 04, 2021

ZK SEPARATION Technology released a newly designed drilling mud dewatering device to meet the growing market demand for drilling mud and sewage treatment.

ZK SEPARATION Technology released a newly designed drilling mud dewatering device to meet the growing market demand for drilling mud and sewage treatment. The application of ZK Tunneling Decanter Centrifuge in tunneling mud treatment has successfully solved common transportation performance problems due to improper separation of the mud and over-discharge of wastewater.

Water tunneling is widely used in projects like underground crossing rivers, lakes, and seas due to its advanced technology, strong geological adaptability, accurate pressure control, and safety and reliability. Nowadays, water tunneling is more and more widely used in urban areas.

With the increasing diversity of tunneling application conditions, a series of difficult mud separation and mud water treatment problems are becoming more and more obvious. For example, it is difficult in water tunneling to separate mud from clay layer, silt texture layer, silty clay, (containing mud) gravel coarse sand, fully weathered granite, strongly weathered granite (sandy soil-like), moderately weathered granite, and other strata when it is tunneled, and it is unable to work quickly and reach the environmental protection requirement.

To solve these increasing problems, ZK Separation has developed a tunneling decanter that can be widely used to treat muddy water in different conditions. With high performance, large capacity, low maintenance, continuous operation, and smart operation. The successful development of ZK Tunneling Decanter Centrifuge has ensured the stability of the excavation surface and the smoothness of the muddy water transportation system and completely solves the discharge of waste mud up to the standard.

Separation principle of ZK Tunneling Decanter

ZK Tunneling Decanter Centrifuge uses centrifugal sedimentation to separate the solid particles in the tunneling mud. Under the action of the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, the solid particles are thrown on the inner wall of the rotating bowl due to the larger solid density and centrifugal force, forming a solid layer. Then the solid phase is pushed to the slag outlet through the screw conveyor. Due to the low density and centrifugal force, the liquid layer forms inside the solid layer and flows out through the overflow hole.

Advantages of TZ Tunneling Decanter
  1. Strong adaptability, large capacity, continuous operation, and low operating cost.
    Unique centrifuge design, advanced control system, and standardized design. This benefits the user in terms of operation costs (drug consumption, power loss, routine maintenance, etc.).
  2. Wide range of models for different requirements
    No matter your operation's size, you can find the suitable model decanter for mud separation in our product catalog.
  3. Modular design, easy to learn and understand equipment operation
    The intelligent control system can realize one-click start and stop, automatic cleaning, fault self-diagnosis, and safety self-protection. Compared with the conventional machine, it dramatically reduces the difficulty of operation.
  4. High-performance resistance to wear and corrosion
    There are fine hard particles and impurities such as sand and gravel in the muddy water. If the centrifuge does not adopt a reliable wear-resistant configuration, its service life and operation stability will be seriously affected. Centrifuge abrasion protection scheme is completely targeted, according to the properties of the material (PH value, corrosive substances, solid particle size, hardness, etc.), can choose adopts hard alloy or ceramic. Among them, the hard alloy adopts YG6, YG8, and various kinds of modified tungsten-cobalt alloy, whose hardness can reach 89~93(HRA), which can fully meet the application field of ZK Tunneling Decanter Centrifuge.
  5. High performance with good dryness
    Special screw conveyor, drum, and other design structures enable ZK Tunneling Decanter Centrifuge to have greater centrifugal force, high torque conveyor torque, super long solid dehydrating length.
  6. We are not only the equipment manufacturer but also the system designer
    With muscular technical strength and rich engineering experience, we are also willing to design and recommend a separation system for the client.
More applications

ZK Decanter Centrifuge has become a piece of essential key equipment in the tunneling mud slurry separation system. It has been widely used in many fields, such as sewage treatment in water plants and tailings slurry treatment.

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