SOURCE Global and Arizona State University Bring Sustainable Drinking Water to Reality

Oct 11, 2021

SOURCE Global and Arizona State University announced the launch of a new water farm producing high-quality, sustainable drinking water sourced from the sky and powered by the sun.

The technology, which was first developed at ASU and has been installed around the world, is now finding applications in Arizona.

SOURCE® Hydropanels use only the power of the sun to produce water from the surrounding environment. By tapping an endless, renewable supply of pure water vapor present in the air and transforming it into high-quality drinking water, SOURCE makes what was once scarce, abundant — effectively anywhere the company’s Hydropanels are placed.

The SOURCE water farm at ASU’s Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, Arizona, can produce 400,000 gallons of premium drinking water a year, which is packaged in recyclable and reusable bottles, replacing 3 million single-use plastic water bottles. Because SOURCE technology creates water where it’s consumed, it requires no new infrastructure and reduces the carbon footprint of transporting water via truck and, while traditional water bottling requires four liters of water for every liter produced, all the water collected by SOURCE goes into the bottle.

Cody Friesen, founder and CEO of SOURCE Global, invented this game-changing technology with his team in his materials science lab at ASU.

“No matter where we live or who we are, we all need access to clean, safe drinking water that’s in harmony with nature,” said Friesen. “We created SOURCE to perfect water for every person, every place, including those who have no water in their homes, who are dealing with contamination, aging infrastructure, and shrinking water supplies or who simply want a reliable source of high-quality drinking water in their homes and are interested in living more sustainably. I’m incredibly proud of our long association with ASU and Dr. Crow, who leads global innovation not just on paper, but in practice.”

ASU has been ranked number one in innovation by U.S. News & World Report for the last six years and locating the water farm on the Polytechnic Campus reflects SOURCE’s appreciation for the University’s support of innovators and emerging technology. SOURCE also plans to offer internships to ASU students.

“ASU’s Polytechnic Campus is attractive to innovative partners like SOURCE Global that will provide leadership in alleviating the world’s challenges related to food, water, and energy,” said Jon Schmitt, Assistant Vice President of Educational Outreach and Student Services at ASU’s Polytechnic Campus. “Partnerships like this one reflect ASU’s commitment to building a sustainable and resilient future and can serve as a model for other organizations and educational institutions.”

SOURCE Hydropanels work entirely off the grid, in humid climates and the driest places on earth. Throughout the developed and developing world, this technology is bringing reliable, renewable water to schools and universities, healthcare settings, remote worksites, eco-friendly hotels and destinations, water-stressed communities and conscious consumers.

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