ptc 2021 Moves to Fully Virtual with Strong Participation from Pipeline Operators

Mar 05, 2021

Given the medical imperatives of our time, the 16th Pipeline Technology Conference, initially planned as a hybrid event, will morph into an online-only event.

"We had already anticipated this scenario at the beginning of our planning and are now well prepared to provide the participants and exhibitors with an online opportunity that will emulate the success factors of the ptc in Berlin, only virtually," says EITEP Institute President Dr. Klaus Ritter.

The virtual ptc will take place from March 15-18, 2021, and will once again feature an exhibition with virtual booths and sponsors in addition to the extensive conference program with approximately 100 presentations in Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussions, Plenary Sessions and Technical Presentations.

Networking among participants and with speakers and exhibitors will be possible at various levels.

"Over the past 6 months we have gained invaluable experience with our newly launched 'Virtual Pipeline Summits' event series regarding the many benefits that an online-only format can offer. With this wealth of experience, we will transform the ptc 2021 into a unique event that participants will remember for a long time to come," said Dennis Fandrich, Chairman of the Pipeline Technology Conference.

In light of the participating delegations from 80 different pipeline operating companies, the ptc has always been a unique meeting place for the exchange of operator knowledge across national borders and continents. This defining characteristic of the ptc will be enhanced this year by offering free tickets for pipeline operators for the online-only event.

“The incredible diversity of pipeline operators from all over the world has always been a special incentive for the sponsors and exhibitors of the ptc. By offering a free operator ticket, we expect more operators to attend this year than ever before," said Marian Ritter, Director Exhibitions at the EITEP Institute.

Based on a review by the ptc Advisory Committee, the conference program will be published online soon. Exhibitors and sponsors can still register.

More information about the virtual ptc 2021 is available online at Pipeline Conference



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