NEW LAUNCH: UNITRACC Module "Details on the Installation of Lining with UV Cured-in-Place Pipes" (Renovation: CIPP)

Nov 09, 2023

Introducing the new e-learning module for the course "Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes"! This module focuses on the installation of UV CIPP using the high-quality SAERTEX-LINER® specifically designed for gravity pipes and sewers - with contributions by renowned manufacturer SAERTEX multiCom GmbH.


The renovation of our aging drainage systems, much like their initial construction, is a task that spans across generations. The methods and regulations for their rehabilitation undergo a continuous process of development and improvement.

The module Details on the Installation of Lining with UV Cured-in-Place Pipes is part of the upcoming course BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes (CIPP). This unit focuses on the ordering and installation of the manual SAERTEX-LINER® for gravity pipes and sewers by renowned manufacturer SAERTEX multiCom GmbH. It provides a comprehensive overview of the essential work steps, starting from site preparation to the installation of the lining tube, the curing process, and the necessary final steps.

The course BE-13 offers all the relevant information required to gain a detailed understanding of the lining process, with a specific focus on "in-situ curing hose lining" and "pipe wrapping lining." It covers a wide range of procedures, including their proper configuration, application, and quality assurance.

The e-learning material comprises more than 70 pages, featuring over 150 visual elements such as photographs, tables, illustrations, videos, etc.

The estimated learning time is approximately 4 hours.


Click here to access Details on the Installation of Lining with UV Cured-in-Place Pipes (CIPP)!



Learning Objectives
  • Understanding the process of curing of the lining tube with regard to:
    • logging
    • working pressure
    • positioning of the light source
    • ignition schemes for various UV lamps
  • Knowing requirements for special rehabilitation conditions like:
    • special profiles
    • bends
    • nominal diameter changes
  • Courses (incl. Certificate): 700 €
  • UNITRACC Knowledge Portal for Enterprises: 150 € p/m


Completion certificate for passing course exam of BE-13

Time and Place
  • Distance / remote learning (online)
  • Flexible, extra-professional (part-time, full-time)

Target Group
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Technical staff & executives (e.g., site / construction managers)
Recommended Qualification
B.Eng / B.Sc. or Bachelor Professional's degree with two years of working experience in civil / environmental engineering.

Preview: Renovation - Details on the Installation of UV CIPP with Saertex multicom GmbH Liner [Source: visaplan GmbH]

Content (Selection)
  • Preparation
    • Safety measures
    • Delivery of the lining tube
    • Site preparation (equipment, etc.)
  • Installation
    • Inserting and pulling in the lining tube (e.g., cap protection)
    • Installing the packer
    • Curing
    • Ignition Schemes for UV lamps

  • Final Work
    • Removing packers and UV lamps
    • Removing inner foil
    • Cutting back CIPP liner
  • Special Rehabilitation Conditions
    • Special profiles
    • Bends
    • Nominal diameter changes


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