MC-Injekt 2300 flow Takes Construction Injtection to a New Level

Mar 15, 2021

MC-Bauchemie has launched a new multifunctional flexible sealant in the form of its new “MC-Injekt 2300 flow” injection resin. The system is based on new Water-Boost Technology® from MC-Bauchemie and offers an impressive array of excellent injection properties.

Exhibiting a particularly long working time, the resin is very easy to inject, with reaction acceleration only occurring once the mixed compound meets the moisture contained in the construction component. Add the MC-KAT 22 activator and the product delivers unique 2-in-1 system advantages, enabling it to be used for virtually any sealing injection task.

The easy-flow elastomer resin has a low viscosity of just 120 mPa*s complemented by a long working time of 140 minutes, a combination that specialist injection contractors will always appreciate. Yet thanks to the incorporation of MC-Bauchemie’s new Water-Boost Technology®, the injection resin will react effectively within around 6 minutes once it comes into contact with moisture – curing naturally without the need for chemical acceleration.

This greatly enhanced reactivity on contact with water and the associated expansive increase in volume drives the resin further into the component, resulting in an effect that further boosts application efficacy. With MC-Injekt 2300 flow, reactivity takes place at the ideal moment, i.e. when the resin meets water within the structure, so that processors can carry out an injection measure even more safely and easily.

Unique 2-in-1 system

As indicated above, MC-KAT 22 adds further degrees of application freedom to the system. Combined with component B of MC-Injekt 2300 flow, this MC-Bauchemie activator creates a second injection product in the form of a water-stopping foam. And using MC-KAT 22 as a chemical accelerator will also increase the reactivity of the MC-Injekt 2300 flow resin compound. For this, the activator merely has to be added to one of the two individual components A or B before they are mixed together.

The resin then undergoes a stronger reaction with a greater increase in volume, when it encounters a damp environment. This innovation from MC-Bauchemie with its multiple capabilities means that injection contractors can plug almost any leak in a construction or component with one and the same resin system. Compared with using different injection products, this saves on both cost and time for the injection work itself, not to mention storage and transport.

Versatile application suitability

With MC-Injekt 2300 flow, not only can cracks and cavities in concrete and masonry be permanently, flexibly sealed under dry, water-bearing and pressurised water-bearing conditions, but the multifunctional 2-in-1 system is also ideally suited for sealing solid structures and for injecting via injection hoses or pipe and liner connections in the repair of sewage and wastewater infrastructure.

Finally, the new injection system from MC-Bauchemie has been declared compliant in accordance with European environmental standards and thus meets all key criteria governing classification as a sustainable and environmentally compatible product.


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