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Linde Engineering To Extract Hydrogen From Natural Gas Pipelines Using Membrane Technology

Feb 07, 2022

German Linde Engineering announced that it had officially started the world’s first-ever full-scale pilot plant to showcase how the company can use Linde’s HISELECT® powered by Evonik membrane technology to separate hydrogen from natural gas streams flowing through pipelines.

The revolutionary Dormagen-based pilot plant is critical to allow for processes and scenarios in which hydrogen is blended with natural gas and transmitted through the natural gas pipelines. According to Linder Engineering, the blended gas can comprise 5-60% hydrogen extracted from the natural gas streams using membrane technology at the consumption point, resulting in about 90% pure hydrogen. The about 90% pure hydrogen is then processed using Linde Engineering’s pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to achieve a purity of 99.99%. Membrane technology is primary to hydrogen infrastructure establishment efforts across the globe.

In Europe, 11 transmission system operators are working to create the European Hydrogen Backbone, with the primary aim of building and expanding the functional European hydrogen networks based on repurposing the pre-existing European natural gas infrastructure. Advanced membrane technology such as the HISELECT® could play an integral role in safely delivering hydrogen to the end-users as a feedstock to cater to various industrial hydrogen uses, including fuel in fuel-cell electric vehicles and source of heat and power.

“The HISELECT® demonstration in Dormagen allows us to display essential technology for transporting hydrogen via natural gas pipelines in a real-life setting. It shows a way to leverage existing infrastructure. In doing so, we avoid the high costs and the long process that would be involved in building a dedicated hydrogen pipeline infrastructure,” said John van der Velden, the Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Technology, Linde Engineering.

Linde Engineering is a leader in green hydrogen technology, covering the entire hydrogen value chain—from source to services. The company’s high-performance membrane technology is based on Evonik’s robust polymer, consisting of highly selective hollow fibers that effectively isolate hydrogen in the blended stream of natural gas flowing through the pipeline, leaving higher hydrocarbon and other components of methane.

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