How to clean large diameter pipes full of water and debris

Jul 31, 2023

AquaTeq’s longstanding experience developing and producing different types of ejectors has helped the company develop a cleaning nozzle equipped to service the trenchless industry.

Drainchem Australia is the exclusive supplier of AquaTeq’s ejector nozzles, and understanding that they are designed with a patented tube, system to manage the water flow very efficiently. The jet inserts are mounted inside the tube, allowing the ejector nozzle to utilise existing water in the pipe to increase effective flow rates by a factor of 10.

In combination with the water supplied by the jetting truck, this will increase the velocity and volume of the water in pipe, making the Sweagle highly effective in both dry and flooded pipes.

The team at AquaTeq say the ejector nozzles are very effective, but since the jets are located inside the tube and with an almost straight rear facing angle, the waterjets will in most cases not reach the sides of the pipe and may create a trench in the debris.

That is why Aquateq has introduced the SWEAGLE®, which is designed and developed to overcome most challenges in the pipe cleaning industry using AquaTeq’s experiences and know-how.

With a patent pending built-in ejectors system, the SWEAGLE, in combination with AquaTeq’s advanced water-conducting tube water-directing system, the water jet is now positioned inside each ejector.

Together with the flow-oriented construction of the ejector, the ejector nozzle increases the water velocity in the sewage or stormwater pipe and is able to shift the material more efficiently.

The SWEAGLE is designed to work with both fresh water and recycled jetting water. It utilises the water in sewage and stormwater pipes to effectively move debris in the pipe at as low working pressure as 35 Bar (500PSI) at the nozzle.

The SWEAGLE sucks the water from the pipe up to 10–times the flow rate of pump on your jet truck.

In a test of the SWEAGLE, the high-pressure pump supplied 200 LPM at 40 bars (600 PSI) pressure at the nozzle. The SWEAGLE was placed in a 600 mm pipe and ejected 2500 LPM of water. That is 2300 litres per minute more than the pump flow rate.

As a result, AquaTeq has been able to identify that in pipes where the water level is high, the ejectors create an extreme negative pressure, utilising the water in the pipe in combination with the water supplied from the jetting truck.

This means it is dramatically increasing the volume of water cleaning the pipe, compared with only using the water supplied from the high-pressure pump. SWEAGLE also performs efficiently in dry pipes at a very low operating pressure.

Not only does is this ejector nozzle more efficient, but it also provides operators with savings regarding water, fuel consumption, along with wear on jetting truck, and a reduction in work hours spent on site.

For optimal cleaning effect (cleaning a pipe in the shortest time with minimal water and fuel consumption), the pressure the SWEAGLE should be set to is a maximum of 60 Bar (900 PSI) when pulling back the nozzle.

When the nozzle is transported upstream, higher pressure may be required depending on the slope of the line. However, the SWEAGLE works efficiently at an operating pressure of 30 bar (400 PSI) at the nozzle.

The SWEAGLE is supplied with a front sieve acting as a coarse filter, minimising the risk of ejectors being clogged internally. The sieve can easily be removed and cleaned, with the design of the nozzle body, in combination with the sieve assure, the full ejector can function up to 50 per cent of the clogged sieve area.

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