Eden, NC Mebane Bridge Water Treatment Facility Completes Installation of BCR Inc.’s CleanB® Biosolids Treatment System

Jan 05, 2021

BCR announced that the Mebane Bridge Treatment Facility in Eden, NC completed the installation of BCR’s CleanB® technology system that replaces an aging, existing digester system. There was a need to replace the existing digester and the facility decided to research alternatives that would meet their 13.5M gallons per day flow needs as efficiently as possible.

“When we determined that our digester system needed to be replaced, we saw this as an opportunity to acquire new technology that would fit within our budgetary and space constraints, and would provide a low total cost of ownership for the citizens of Eden, NC,” explained Melinda Ward, Wastewater Superintendent.

“We chose an engineering firm to help us evaluate new technologies, and BCR’s CleanB was the only solution that met all of our requirements. There really was no other technology like it - that processed biosolids in minutes and was affordable.”

In addition to an up-front capital cost 90% lower than a digester solution, the CleanB was able to be installed and commissioned in just two weeks. Once operational, the CleanB can process sludge that would take the old digester solution 15 days in just minutes.

“I’m pleased to see another CleanB system installed and to help the City of Eden upgrade their facility,” explained Joshua Scott, CEO for BCR. “Our system will significantly increase wastewater process efficiency and reduce operational cost. The CleanB system also produces Class B biosolids, which helps City of Eden avoid landfill costs. The Class B biosolids are a soil-like product that is often used as an organic fertilizer or other beneficial reuse.”

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