Deciding When to Choose Spot Repair

Oct 26, 2021

Make the right sewer rehab choice

Keeping sewers operational means wasting zero resources. Sewer rehab is especially resource-intensive, so deciding exactly how to repair a defect is crucial. Central to this decision is whether to use localized rehab (spot repair) or a comprehensive (end-to-end) alternative.

This white paper presents a detailed guide to making this decision, including the variety of factors to consider, from the type and extent of damage to access constraints, adjacent environmental features and line criticality. We detail the top considerations when choosing between spot repairs and end-to-end rehab, including I/I mitigation, treatment costs, planned upgrades, pervasiveness of damage, environmental factors, upgrade schedules and general sewer characteristics. It also explores some common misconceptions that lead cities to the wrong decision.

Take steps to maximize your rehab budget by downloading this FREE white paper from PRT today: Sewer Rehab


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