CHRYSO and CONDAT Technology Partnership in TBM Tunneling - Preview at AFTES 2021

Sep 08, 2021

CHRYSO, a leader in Construction chemicals, announced a technology partnership with CONDAT. As CONDAT is a world expert in sealing, lubricants and ground treatment formulations for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), CHRYSO has joined forces with the company to develop a unique know-how in TBM tunneling applications combined with a scientific expertise of organo-mineral chemistry.

The first technology issued from this collaboration is a cutting-edge patented backfill grout solution CHRYSO®TBM SGS (Smart Grout System). The combined use of CHRYSO®TBM SGS 150 retarder and CHRYSO®TBM SGS 400 stabilizer ensure exceptional grout stability over several days.

The grout stability and low viscosity allow for pumping over long distance and reduce the need for pipes flushing during machine stoppages, delivering unparalleled performance to meet the most demanding jobsites.

“We are bringing a high-performing environmentally-friendly backfill grout for tunnels and underground cities projects,” said Marc Plançon – Concrete Business Unit Deputy Director at CHRYSO.

CHRYSO®TBM SGS presents many advantages that significantly reduce tunneling construction site’s environmental footprint. The Stabilizer’s unique formulation allows to completely substitute bentonite, a non-renewable raw material commonly used in the backfill mix design. No more bentonite storing neither transport will also contribute to a better environmental management of the site.

“Furthermore, we offer a sustainable supply with our CHRYSO®TBM SGS 400 stabilizer which is based on renewable raw materials (bio-sourcing) and the possibility to use alternate cementitious materials such as GGBS (slag) for a reduced CO2 footprint. Our research plan is totally focused on providing sustainable solutions to our customers and lowering CO2 emissions,” added Marc Plançon.

“Combining support expertise and a worldwide network of laboratories and specialists of both CHRYSO and CONDAT ensures that our customers have access to a reinforced level of local service. This first collaboration on the Smart Grout System has given significant results and we are looking forward to further successful development of innovative solutions," said Thierry SANNA, Sales Director -Tunneling Division at CONDAT.

The two companies will showcase the new CHRYSO®TBM SGS solution at the upcoming AFTES 2021 event ”The underground, a space of innovation” in September in Paris: > CHRYSO: booth n°133 > CONDAT: booths N°131 et 132



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