Can We Make Water Famous?

Mar 30, 2022

An innovative project to help the water utility sector engage directly with the public will be revealed at this week’s Water Action Platform webinar, which took place on Thursday, 26 August.

With increasing scrutiny from regulators and the public for water utilities reduce pollutions, invest in infrastructure and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, there has never been a more pressing need for the industry to communicate the challenges it is facing.

“At our recent zero pollutions event, the over-riding message from industry, regulators and NGOs was the urgent need for a collaborative, independent external communications to help members of the public understand the complex issues around water. As Philip Dunne MP, chair of the UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee, said during the keynote address: “There needs a united voice to communicate with the public,” explained Piers Clark, Isle chairman and host of the Water Action Platform webinars.

“The good news is a solution is already underway. A public-facing, multimedia, positive news platform all about water is due to launch later this year. Called Make Water Famous, it will be run by a group of journalists with extensive experience of working and around the water industry.”

As well as the the usual Water Action Platform updates, the open webinar featured an innovative new technology from Agua Via, a UK company bringing to market a low-energy, high-purity technology based on unique one-atomic-layer thick membranes capable of delivering water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. Water can be produced from any water source, including wastewater remediation and desalination, at the lowest energy possible.

Learn more about the Water Action Platform.


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