Ameresco Announces Partnership with City of Seabrook, Texas for Comprehensive Smart Metering Infrastructure Improvement Project

Sep 16, 2021

Ameresco will install over 4,100 water meters to replace the city’s aging infrastructure and save the city over $50,000 per year.

Ameresco, Inc., a leading cleantech integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, announced its partnership with the City of Seabrook, Texas. The renewable energy company was selected to install a comprehensive smart metering infrastructure improvement project that includes the installation of solid-state water meters and an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system.

As part of the project, Ameresco will install more than 4,100 water meters in place of the city’s existing meters. When mechanical meters age, their accuracy degrades as well, which results in the under-reporting of consumption data. Currently, Seabrook replaces existing water meters and accessories on an as-needed basis. By replacing the water meters proactively, Ameresco and the City of Seabrook will restore accuracy to its reporting data.

The improvement of meter accuracy and long-term sustainability will enable Seabrook to better capture lost water that may have previously gone unmetered. Following implementation of the proposed upgrades, the city will amass a significant annual cost savings of over $50,000.

“Working with Ameresco has been a truly refreshing experience. Their team continues to be committed to enhancing sustainability in our city and making our infrastructure as accurate and as cost-effective as possible,” said director of public works Kevin Padgett. “We thrilled to work with this team implementing cutting-edge solutions that will benefit Seabrook for years to come.”

The planned upgrades will provide the City of Seabrook with a variety of benefits including enhanced customer service support to local community members, as well as a reduction in overall operational costs and an increase in IT infrastructure support at a more advanced level.

“By helping the City of Seabrook reduce its spending, we can ensure that the city has the resources necessary to reinvest their time and energy back into better serving the surrounding community. It’s been such a pleasure to work with a group that is so committed to fostering a sustainable future for all,” said Bob Georgeoff, executive vice president, Ameresco.

onstruction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021 and the new water smart customer portal will launch by spring 2022.

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