A durable tool for sewer cleaning

Nov 03, 2023

KAISER national after sales manager Roger Woods spoke with Trenchless Australasia about the company’s game-changing sewer cleaning vehicles.

Woods is an experienced man in the sewer cleaning industry, and has been working for KAISER as national after sales manager since last year. By conviction, as he explained, because KAISER’s technology has impressed him. But how does KAISER vehicles stand out in after sales?

What experience have you already gained in the sewer cleaning industry?

I have been working in the sewer cleaning industry for over 30 years, maintaining a large range of sewer cleaning units from many different global manufacturers. The last 15 years I have mainly worked on recycling units specialising in serving, preventative maintenance also operational issues, training operators to run the equipment more efficiently reducing wear whilst minimizing downtime and increasing productivity for many companies throughout Australia and New Zealand. At KAISER, I am responsible for Kaiser aftersales helping customers maintain and get the best results from their KAISER Units, take care of maintenance and service of customer vehicles and I’m for the service stations in Australia.

Why is it so important that sewer cleaning vehicles also excel in maintenance and service?

Reliability and ease of maintenance are the things that matter most, along with performance in use. The design and construction of the vehicle already lays the foundation for whether the vehicle can withstand operations with heavy dirt loads, how intensive the maintenance effort is and how quickly the vehicle can be cleaned after use. This is where KAISER vehicles with water recycling stand out significantly.

What convinces you about KAISER vehicles in terms of maintenance and service?

KAISER sewer cleaning vehicles with water recycling have very low maintenance requirements in comparison to others. On one hand, this is due to the hydraulic drive of the components, for example. Furthermore, the components are designed in such a way that they can also process contaminated water well. This saves filter stages and reduces the cleaning effort. Cleaning is also solved in a very time-saving way. The operator can still activate the cleaning mode during the last work step. Another great advantage: all core components are designed and manufactured in-house at KAISER. So if you have technical questions, you always get a contact person who knows every part down to the smallest detail.

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