Wastewater 2022

The WWT Wastewater 2022 Conference & Exhibition is the UK’s largest wastewater event with two dedicated streams for Infrastructure & Networks and Treatment. Providing innovative industry case studies and thought-leadership, this 1-day event is designed to tackle all the current wastewater challenges in one place.

Jan 25, 2022
Target groups: engineers, technicians, labourers, students
Category: Exhibition

As a guideline for potential authors, the following themes will be covered at the conference:

Regulation, Long-Term Planning & Resilience

Building resilience throughout the wastewater network

-Outlining new regulation to optomise wastewater networks and infrastructure

-Strategic planning, construction and maintenance of wastewater networks to reduce carbon and extend the life asset

Embracing Smart Technology

- Incorporating smart water systems and digitisation to better manage the 25 km Tideway tunnel

- Harnessing integrated solutions of smart engineering and nature-based solutions

- Digitising networks to achieve pre- emptive maintenance

Responding to Climate Change

Understanding and minimising the environmental impact on rivers caused by wastewater discharge

- Managing CSO data and maximising output to reduce pollution

- Household level green technologies to help alleviate the need for hard engineering solutions

- Industry update: Storm Overflow Taskforce

- Exploring how cross sector collarboration can aid storm overflow management


United Kingdom
Target language English


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