SoundWater Technologies Announces a Product to Measure Changes in Fracking Fluid

Dec 29, 2021

New ultrasonic technology, recently developed to replace radioactive densitometer

SoundWater Technologies, LLC announced immediate availability of the new product to monitor changes in fracking fluid, and sand concentrations using ultrasound. SoundWater Cypress with Sand Detection offers new technology that replaces the traditional radioactive densitometer -- removing the risk to human health, as well the high costs and red tape from the job site. site. It is also installed outside the pipe — it does not contact the fluid and will not wear out.

When an industry leader reached out to inquire if our ultrasound technology could replace densitometer,” said Jeff Peery, CEO and Founder of SoundWater Technologies. “we knew it was possible and quickly got to work on development of the new product.”

The new ultrasound technology works by transmitting a burst of ultrasound into the pipe and fluid, measuring the amount of energy that comes out the other side. The energy lost within the fluid is related to the fluid’s properties and/or any particulates inside the fluid. This can show if sand concentration or particle size changes, or if the fluid changes (for example, from water to acid). When the ultrasound energy is then charted during a fracking stage, a human eye may easily identify changes in sand concentration and/or fluid changes. The output trend-line appears very similar to what customers are used to seeing from densitometers and helps them control and understand the pressure response that is occurring in real time.

The whole purpose of the measurement is to understand and control the pressure response in the well head in real-time.” says Jeff Peery. "If you can do that, then you are working at a higher efficiency and can reduce the total amount of time spent on the job. Potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars per hour."

In addition to marking fluid changes, the SoundWater flowmeter is measuring flow at the same time. This is all done from outside the pipe with ultrasound passing through the pipe to measure the fluid flowing inside. Therefore, SoundWater's Cypress ultrasonic flowmeter is now providing both flow measurements and marking fluid process changes - all from outside the pipe where it avoids hazards of high pressure and direct contact to the destructive force of high-speed sand.

It is a great fit for fracking on multiple fronts:

- it is not harmful to humans,

- it doesn't contact the fluid so is not prone to destruction from sand blasting and high pressures and high-speed fluids,

- it indicates process changes, can be used to mark flush, and monitor flow.

- it can be installed quickly between stages if needed.

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