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The comprehensive and exclusive content of the know-how area enables unparalleled knowledge transfer. You can profit from renowned scientific standard works like "Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Drains and Sewers" - for free! UNITRACC presents these books as Technical Information Systems, which are enhanced by means of multimedia illustrations, such as animations or 3D-visualisations, and clarifying hypertext links. In addition to this feature, the instructions explain various issues resp. procedures in a step by step manner, while numerous documentations provide detailed descriptions of representative construction sites. These extensively illustrated reports have been developed by experts and therefor accentuate the theoretical know-how by practical aspects.

You can also use the comfortable search capabilities of UNTIRACC to elaborate a large variety of content via the superordinated special fields (e.g. trenchless installation) - or select a specific media type to close certain knowledge gaps without further ado. In this context you have also access to comprehensive papers, an overview of standards/regulations and a Technical Encyclopedia for pipeline construction and maintenance (German/English).

Enjoy your research!

Technical Books

Enhanced expert knowledge based on renowned standard works of technical literature


Experts explain the use of methods and techniques step by step


Construction sites and rehabilitation measures in detail

Virtual Construction Sites

Interactive presentation of complex procedures at construction sites

Overview Of Standards

Reference area concerning standards and regulations

Lexicon Of Technical Terms

Definitions and translations of technical terms